Ah…the waiting.

I hate waiting. I’ve never been known for my patience to begin with and adding physical disability to that doesn’t facilitate my good mood. Surgery is planned for Friday the 19th at Brackenridge Hospital. I’ll be in-patient this time and should be there for a few days. Our visit with the plastic surgeon went surprisingly well. He’s a nice man and we decided on an option that will only involve one surgery….period. No more surgery later, etc. I’m happy that this really will be the last surgery I have before moving on to the treatment stage.

The best thing (sarcasm) is that I’ll probably have just finished recovering from this last surgery. (Anyone else thing staples seem a bit barbaric for surgical closure?) Currently I can feel most of my upper arm again. The actual surgical site doesn’t hurt, but there’s an odd sensation of deadness that persists in your underarm after lymph node removal. For a while you alternate between feeling like your underarm isn’t there and a sensation quite a bit like sandpaper, with occasional shooting pains as the nerves try and work around the damage. All a bit unnerving (hehehe). The idea of keeping busy is put to a serious halt by very clear messages from my body to sit down… a lot. So I’m reading. If anyone has a favorite novel they’d like to suggest….losing myself in fiction does seem to help.

Dr. Tokaz (oncologist) is very positive about the direction we’re taking. He’s sure that chemo will get any lingering cancer that may be missed with all of this lovely surgery. Dr. He has me taking herbs and Omega 3 capsules. Everyone tells me that my attitude is fabulous, that my willingness to be positive or at least pissed off is great. Okay…most of the time I maintain that.

But the waiting…..argggggg.

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