Okay…Good News.

Earlier this week I went in for a CT scan (circulatory and organs) and a Bone Scan. Both of these were searching for traces of metastatic cancer in the rest of my body. After the word ‘Cancer’ the word ‘Metastatic’ is probably the scariest. Both of these tests came back negative (which is a good thing). This means that there are no traces of metastatic breast cancer anywhere else in my body. Wheee! In treatment, this means that we’re definitely dealing with early stage II, low grade tumors (now gone) and a very low amount (if any) of widespread cancer in the body. We’ll do chemo, I’ll take my pills and we’ll get on with life.

I’m going to be checking into Brackenridge tomorrow morning at 6am (disgustingly early) for an 8am surgery time. Surgery is scheduled for 5 hours (both the bi-lateral mastectomy and reconstruction) so I should be out of recovery sometime after 3pm. I’ll be in the hospital for a few days. I’m thinking I’ll come home Monday. Please feel free to call the hospital or here. If I’m tired, we’ll turn off the phone. 🙂 If I’m up for visitors, Sam will tell you, and if I’m not, he’ll tell you that, too. Sam will blog sometime Friday afternoon/evening to let everyone know that things went well. So check back in here late Friday. He won’t have my email list to work with…

Bright blessings to all.


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