Surgery and Recovery

The surgery went well yesterday. It was two procedures back to back. The bi-lateral mastectomy, followed by immediate reconstruction. Both went off without a hitch. That’s a lot of work though and Kelley was in there for about four and half hours. General anaesthetic was also proportionally more than last time so she was in recovery for a while, and looking sick to the gills when they moved her to her room.

That’s been getting progressively better, and this morning she’s been eating a little, got most of her color back and getting in and out of bed basically by herself. This is it for a few days, when she’s feeling up to it – probably monday – she’ll come home. Meantime I’m camping out up there, and the kids are at home with my folks.

Aidan’s taking it well. He’s concerned but taking it in his stride. Right now he’s making some cut-outs that I’ll take back up there later this afternoon. Cassidy is also managing fine. It’ll be good to get home, but they just don’t need to see all of this just yet.

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