Post Surgical

The surgery went off as planned. Both my surgeon and my plastic surgeon were pleased with the results. I was less pleased, but only because I was in a lot of pain in the hospital. It took a couple of days to work out a pain medication that I could tolerate that would also be strong enough to diminish my symptoms. Unfortunately, when the nurses moved me from the gurney to the hospital bed, I subluxated a couple of ribs (threw my back in layman’s terms). By the second day, my back hurt a lot more than my front and there wasn’t much to do about it until I got home.

We checked out on Monday morning. I must say, the majority of the nursing staff were very, very kind and helpful, if a tad understaffed. When we got home Monday, I felt peachy. By the middle of the night I was violently ill. Gastrointestinal yuck! By 5 am I couldn’t hold down liquids and we were on our way back to the hospital. Two bags of IV fluid and som IV pain and nausea medications later, I felt much better again. We reviewed all of my medications and decided that, with my sensitivities, my body had just gotten ticked and rejected the lot. The doctor in the ER helped me work out what to take and I stopped taking the anitbiotics, which are a terrible one for stomach upset. I think at one point, in the hospital, I was on 6 different meds in one day. Yick.

Each day is an improvement. I’ve gotten tons of sweet cards, lovely flowers, and nice visits. And everyone’s support has really allowed me to let go of my daily routine and rest a lot. I’ll be really glad when the drains come out next Monday. Then I’ll be able to walk outside more and just get around easier by myself. Right now I’m on a leash, quite literaly. 🙂

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