The Long Slow Road

Recovery is tough. I mean, I was expecting not to be able to use my arms much. I was expecting to be sore and have difficulty sleeping. I was expecting to need a lot of help with the house and the kids. All of this is very obvious in theory. When it actually happens, it’s much more challenging than you would expect. What does it really mean to not be able to raise either arm over your head or carry more than a couple of pounds in either hand? Well, it means Sam is still washing my hair and I can’t even pick up the cat, much less my daughter. Okay…I knew that I wouldn’t be able to pick up Cassidy for a while (she does weigh close to 30 lbs after all), but the water pitcher? I hadn’t really thought that one through. Sleeping is still challenging as well. I sleep in a mostly sitting position. Somehow these details don’t get mentioned in all of the support sites, etc. At least, not that I noticed.

On the good side, I’m healing well. The drains came out on Monday. Dr. Cullington was very pleased with my progress and hinted at dire possibilities that hadn’t occurred. I spoke with Dr. Tokaz (oncologist) and he feels good about getting the portacath put in in a couple of weeks. It won’t have to be under general anesthetic (yay!!!) and this should be a relatively minor procedure. I’ll be seeing him in another 10 days or so to work out a treatment plan, etc.

I’m actually feeling well enough to be restless in the house. I’m out in the garden in the mornings, picking veggies, seeing the chickens. I can sit and read books with the kids and do a bit of cooking (no chopping, but it’s progress). I poke around with stuff in the house and do too much and end up sitting a lot in the evenings to catch up. I’ve been told I can drive, but I’m letting other folks do that until it’s necessary. Don’t need to push it.

Feel free to call or come by or whatever. The afternoons are a bit long at this point and the kids love company, too.


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