Round 2

A 180 in many ways. Let’s see….no vomiting, totally controllable nausea, no shakes for 12 hours, and the morning after chemo I was at the breakfast table with my family…eating. I didn’t lose weight this time. In fact, I’ve gained back all the weight I lost from the first round. ‘And why?’, you rightly ask. Because the unmentionable option, the silver bullet of chemotherapy side effects, the miracle drug…worked. Now ask yourself this: What unspeakable bastard would knowingly withhold such a simple solution to such a horrid problem to so many people who need it badly? Apparently a great number or our congressmen (not to mention the man we’re forced to call ‘president’) both at the state and national level. There are many, many patients who are unable to finish their chemotherapy because the side effects take too great a toll on their otherwise healthy bodies and yet the government has decided that it is preferable that they increase their chances of recurrence or even die rather than make this drug available to them. I would go so far as to say that it may be criminally negligent to withhold or deny anything that helps patients survive cancer and chemo. So….

Senator Gonzalo Barrientos: District 14

Representative Elliott Naishtat

These are my state congressmen. Please…write a letter/email (it can be anonymous). Find your congressmen, national or state, and write them. Let them know how outrageous it is to keep something so benign out of the hands of patients while our doctors prescribe narcotics and antidepressants with abandon.


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