Round 5

The fact that I’m blogging Round 5 on the morning of Round 6 should tell everyone something. For one, I’ve been too darned busy. For another, I’ve been too darned tired. And for the most part, I just didn’t have much to say that wasn’t gripy or whiny. I know, I’m entitled, but I’m pretty certain noone wants to read it. 🙂

So…today is the day. One last session of drip, drip, drip and I’ll be done (with this part of the process). Everything in this round will be for the last time. Last time with the nausea, last time my mouth feels like old shoe leather, last time I can’t taste anything for a week, last time I’m completely exhausted for weeks but, ironically, can’t sleep. And then it will actually start to improve in ways I get to keep.

Aidan still has a bit of a Samson and Delilah syndrome with my hair. For him, it all comes down to when my scalp starts sprouting. Then I’ll be able to run and play and take them to the park. I’ll be able to come garden at the school again and read them stories at night and help them in the bath. I thought this was a bit quaint when he first came up with it many, many months ago, but he’s not far off. Some of it will be psychological, but a lot of it is timing. I should start to see actual hair grown in about 6 weeks (the first stuff, in 4 weeks, is fuzz and needs to be shaved off again). That really should be when my strength starts to return. And right about then we’ll start looking at having a really big party to celebrate. I promise not to bring the house down.


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