UFOs Sighted

In the fine tradition of many, many, many knitters I know, I’ve got numerous projects in the making. I find that anything under three means I get bored. I need one for the car (has to be easy to put down when the kids get out of school), a more difficult one at home (this one can involve counting), and a less challenging but more readily satisfying project. Currently these are:

A scarf for my sister…funky side cable requires a little counting but still my car project:

Single cable scarf in wisteria colored cotton yarn.

A very lacey, scarfy, neck tying bit for home…this one is challenging, if only to my eyesight:

Lacey blue scarfin Rowan kidsilk.

A very thick and quick hat that I’ll finish too fast but need three or so of for the holiday gift stash:

A chunky hat of many fiery colors.

Oh…and the latest pair of knucks that I haven’t done the finishing work on:

Mostly finished, red fingerless gloves.

All in all a notable work-in-progress collection. Oh and…shhhh…I bought sock yarn (Yay!).


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