Don’t drink the Kool-Aid

Kool-Aid dyeing in the sunAidan’s comment was something like, “Gee Mom, this stuff smells really good.” Mom replies, “Yeah, and some people actually drink the stuff.” We, of course, were dyeing with it. I found 4 skeins of undyed worsted in my stash from long, long ago and thought, “What a fabulous kid project.” Sure enough. Kool-aid is way kooler when used as a dyeing device. The kids each got a roasting pan and a baster and straws to apply the color. We used grape, cherry, strawberry, apple ice, lemonade, and black cherry. Here you see them, setting in the sun like tea. I found all of the jars I could and set them on the wall in the garden. As the water inside heats up (no need to pre-boil) the wool absorbs the dye. When you look out and the teal redmann pokies water seems clear with colored yarn, you’re done. If it’s not dark enough, do it again. The yarn smells lovely, too, if only for a little while.

We found that using 1 pkg Kool-aid (or generic equivilant) to 2 oz of yarn to be a decent color. I went for more than that with the black cherry and got nice results. The apple ice was a very nice, pale green.

Hanging skeins of dyed wool.The kids looped a smaller skein around the inside of the roasting pan and made colorways. Bloops of different colors here and there, then we put the plastic tops on the pans and set them out in the garden as well. A couple of hours later, they had set and we hung everything to dry on the screened porch. Looked funny for a bit, but pretty.

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