A & C in the wee little hours…

Okay…I’ve been a big bum about posting. However, here’s what I’ve been up to.

Sweater with C initial in blocking.

I’ve been knitting ‘Weasley’ sweaters for both kids. I started these about 10 days ago. I know, I know, I’m nuts. But I’m trying to finish (sortof) before we leave for England tomorrow to visit Sam’s family. And they’re supposed to be a surprise, so I’ve only been able to work on them when the kids weren’t around (mostly). Aidan is suspicious because he’s seen the pattern lying about and the big charted ‘A’.

My goal is to have the back and front done, sewn together and the neck finished before we get on the plane. I’ll do the sleeves when we get there. To that end…here’s Aidan’s so far…
A sweater front.

I’ve had a little trouble with charts and letter placement. The ‘c’ on Cassidy’s is a twee bit to high, but I even started it a bit lower than the pattern suggested. There’s no mention of how high your letter should be, etc, so I had to guess. The ‘A’ is wide and low because I had the chart turned the wrong way…as it turns out, a happy error.

front of c sweater

I should be able to stitch up tonight and finish the neck on Cassidy’s and then we’re off tomorrow. I do hope it doesn’t take too long to do the sleeves (picked up and knit down in the round) as I’ve only packed the kids one other sweater. 🙂 Reckless optimism. And for my first sweater efforts, I’m pretty darned happy.


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