I got my lovely etsy yarn two weeks ago. It was totally poorly dyed. I sent the yarn back and she “re-dyed” my batch and sent it back to me. It still really wasn’t what I was expecting but I had been waiting and waiting and waiting for it so I went ahead and started knitting. I wanted to do Cleaves but since I can’t normally wear 100% wool, I bought this hand-painted silk/wool blend. I did a test swatch (yes, I did), corrected my needles, cast on and was away. Here’s how the sleeve looked:

Cleaves Sleeve

I finished just in time to wear it Saturday night to go out with my extended family in San Antonio. It looked super cute over a black cami…

Cleaves Finished

And by the time I took it off two hours later…it looked like this:

Cleave Overblown

Yarn substitution is a wonderful thing, or it can be…In this case, it didn’t work. The yarn I was working with had a thick/thin thing going on in a big way. The stockinette was fine, but the ribbing stretched, a lot! Can you hear the sound of ripping yarn? I’m going to try this in the yarn called for in the pattern and see what happens. I’d like to know if it was the yarn or just me. In the meantime, I’m going to go mourn the 12 hours I spent and all the joy undeservedly lavished on the finished project. Waaaa…


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