Finished Scarf for ISE4So, a while ago (like March) I signed up for ISE4 – International Scarf Exchange 4. It goes like this….you fill out a questionaire about your preferences in color, style and fiber and send it in to the hostess. Then you are matched with two different people. One who you knit a scarf for and one who will knit a scarf for you. I ended up with a scarfee who lives in Kent. Her name is Elvira. I got to work with lovely yarn (Tilli Tomas) that I wouldn’t normally buy for myself. And I got to try lace. I say this as if that was a bonus, but the lace part nearly drove me mad. I quickly discovered that if I wanted to work on the scarf, it had to be in a quiet room with no distractions. No tv, no conversation, certainly no children or I would mess up the row. In the end, I got it done and sent out by the deadline. Elvira seems to have liked it and she and I are maintaining a loose email correspondence, which I think is the best thing about this experience. But it is pretty….isn’t it?


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