Living Local

Basket FullI’ve been meaning to start this part of the blog for a while now. Sam and I have always had a determination to live as lightly as possible. We have a vegetarian family. We recycle everything. We have a compost system and chickens and a rather large front-yard garden. And we have a lot of folks who think we’re nuts.
GingerNeighbors want to know why we don’t keep our vegetables in the back like normal human beings (‘well’ we reply, ‘the chickens are back there.’) People telling us that they can’t see that growing our own makes much of a difference. And lots of comments about what you can’t get if you confine yourself to locally grown, organic produce.

In keeping with our efforts, I went down to Boggy Creek Farm this morning and we’ll be going to the Farmer’s Market at the Triangle this afternoon to acquire much of the provender for our Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. Join us and see what’s happening. I’ll let you know what we get…

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