Furnace Wars

Okay…the idea of a furnace war in Texas is a little absurd; however, when I went out this morning it was well below freezing and it’s only up to 30 degrees F right now and we still haven’t turned on the heater this winter. 🙂

When we moved into this house there was a lovely gas log set-up in the fireplace. Beautiful ceramic logs with very realistic coloring glowed whenever you lit the line of gas vents underneath. The heat was lovely, but, there was no smell, no sound and our gas bill for the one month we had it on was…wait for it…$150 higher than the month before when we didn’t use the fireplace at all. Aack.

This year we took out the lovely ceramic logs. Sam removed the gas burner and capped the line. We bought a 1/4 cord of oak and collected all the pecan from the yard (very self-pruning trees) and we’ve had a fire in the fireplace. Now, I know Mr Green would like us to have a stove or burn a cleaner fuel, but we’re working one step at a time. Right now, we’re not using fossil fuels and I count that as a bonus. If we make it to spring without the heater, I’ll be really excited. If we’re having a furnace war, I suppose it’s against ourselves. Hazzah!


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