Paint and Carpet or “why didn’t we do this years ago”

The house is redolent with the smells of industrious men with rollers and brushes. The painters have moved in to help our bedroom look more buyer neutral. Currently, it looks more like someone maniacal took after it with a sponge full of yellow. I don’t know what the fascination was about 10 years ago with yellow sponge painting, but the last two houses we’ve been in have had prominent rooms thusly decorated. Last time it was the kitchen and we, thankfully, had it painted before we arrived. This time it was the master bedroom and once your in, it’s very hard to move out, even for long enough to get a decent color on the walls.

Oddly, after a while you just start to ignore problems like this. Until someone points out that the playschool style mural on your son’s wall might not be the best thing to show to potential marks buyers, you don’t really think about it. We looked at it when we moved in and thought, “Okay, Aidan is a little old for that. Maybe we’ll paint over it after we get settled.” That was two years ago.

Monday the carpet guy arrives. Carpets are another one of those ‘yes, it really matters’ issues in moving. The carpets are definitely well-used and there are stains in places, but again, we didn’t really notice until someone said, “ewww”. So by Tuesday we’ll have a very tidy, attractive bedroom with new paint and carpet. If I didn’t know we were moving to Europe, I’d be moved to tears.

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