No Clever Title Available

Okay…I’m going to post just to whine again…so if you can’t stand it, stop reading now.

I’ve just spent the past six weeks either in doctors’ offices, hospitals, undergoing ‘procedures’, or contemplating (worrying) about one of those.  All for the almighty Medical to tell me that the mass they saw on the sono was just scar tissue from my c-sections and the bleeding/pain/general crap I’m experiencing is due to the medication I’m on that’s supposedly keeping my cancer from reasserting itself.  Arg.  What idiot came up with a cancer medication (for breast cancer) that can cause cancer (uterine and ovarian) as a side effect and thought that was a good idea?

I’m betting that the number of cancer patients that become alcoholics or rampant drug users is sky high, at least for those of us that are looking at this as a living for the next 20 years or so (if we’re lucky).  And what is the lovely, all-knowing, Medical going to tell me to do about it?  I’ve got 5 more months on this medication and they’re going to tell me that since it isn’t causing more cancer, I should just deal.

I’m going to have another cider.



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