One Mitten

Okay…those (very few) of you who actually read my blog are going to find today amusing. This is post #3. And this is Mitten #1. Aidan’s and there are cut fingers under that green flip-top. I had to be somewhat sneaky to get his hand measurements since these are supposed to be for Christmas. I’m damned happy with them. :)k

Aidan’s Hat

This is what happens when I’m stuck on the couch with a cold for the day. I’m in an eternal quest for resilient fibers (with some memory) with which to make things for my wool-sensitive son. He, like me, can’t quite stand to have wooly-ness next to his forehead, neck or hands. But using cotton makes for stretched out garments with no spring and little warmth. This hat is a blend of Acrylic (sigh), wool and polyestere (that’s how it’s spelled on the label). Doesn’t itch me…we’ll see how he likes it. It’s pretty. :)k

Living Local

Basket FullI’ve been meaning to start this part of the blog for a while now. Sam and I have always had a determination to live as lightly as possible. We have a vegetarian family. We recycle everything. We have a compost system and chickens and a rather large front-yard garden. And we have a lot of folks who think we’re nuts.
GingerNeighbors want to know why we don’t keep our vegetables in the back like normal human beings (‘well’ we reply, ‘the chickens are back there.’) People telling us that they can’t see that growing our own makes much of a difference. And lots of comments about what you can’t get if you confine yourself to locally grown, organic produce.

In keeping with our efforts, I went down to Boggy Creek Farm this morning and we’ll be going to the Farmer’s Market at the Triangle this afternoon to acquire much of the provender for our Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. Join us and see what’s happening. I’ll let you know what we get…

Spin Spin Sugar

Ah…a new era of wooly obsession. I took a spinning workshop over the weekend. This was the end result: a lovely little ball of handspun. It’s very, very thick and thin, but it’s cohesive. I’ve put it in a jar with the earlier efforts (no, I won’t show you). It’s going to be the pet yarn for a while. Suzzane at Hill Country Weavers has offered to let me come in and spin on the wheel I used in class for a while. I certainly can’t afford a wheel of my own….yet.

Earl Grey

I’m working on another pair of socks, having finished Green with Envy. Socks travel well and it’s been kindof warm here to be working the sweater angle. I’ll get back to my beaded tunic (with pics, I promise) after the next cool front.

These are a load of fun to knit. Thanks to Stephanie for the stunning pattern. The cable work is just enough to be interesting but not at all complicated, as proven by the fact that I started these yesterday and am about to work the heel.

I’m also working on mittens for the littles in the house. I decided to do cut-finger gloves with mitten flip-tops. Aidan will like that. But Oh…knitting those little fingers…eek. At least it’s a super short project.

36 knitting days until Christmas….woohoo.


Cobblestone Mini

In the grand scheme of things, I suppose I should be pleased. I took the pattern for Cobblestone that I knit for Sam, took some measurements from Aidan, and did the math. Then I knit a mini version. Cute, isn’t it?

The problem is when I took Aidan’s measurements and plugged them into my equations, I forgot the all important *ease*. His wrists measured 5″…so do the cuffs. Skin-tight is sometimes good for girl’s garments, but not for a six-year-old boy.

Do you hear the little froggy? I’m going to rip back the yoke and re-knit the sleeves. The body is fine. I just can’t face it yet. Besides, it is currently too darned hot to sit with a big pile of wool in my lap. So, I’ll stick with socks for the moment and let you know how this turns out the second time around.


I got a little tired of really, really big projects that were on a holiday deadline. Sounds like….Dreamswatch. I had a skein of Berroco Softwist that I had no plans for (gasp…I know…so unlike me) and it is working up very nicely. I did have to modify slightly as this yarn doesn’t want to show the lovely long drops. So I’m doing 4 wraps instead of 3.