How Soon…

Move day is barreling down upon us now. The children have started a ‘days-until’ countdown. And almost everyone I meet has something to say like:

Oh my gosh, you’re going so soon. Are you ready?

Are you excited?

Do you think everything will get done before you go?

The answer to these questions has been somewhat varied, depending on my level of stress at that particular moment. I am, however, finding a tendency to roll my eyes at the least. I mean really, we’re stressed around here. There’s a lot to do. I have a list that I check and re-check every day at least 15 times. And every time someone reminds me how close this is getting, my stomach flips and I have trouble breathing. I’m not excited. I’m terrified. Because everything *has to * get done before we go and I’m the one doing most of it.

The children are also generally nearby when these exclamations of wonder are pronounced. They don’t need it. They also are stressed and handling it very well, but I’m expecting a melt down any minute now. Aidan almost lost it when we sold the car. They don’t need to hear, repeatedly, how soon we are departing the only home they’ve known.

England will be very exciting when we get there. Having Sam’s family around us will be lovely. There will be new places to explore and many, many wonderful surprises, I’m sure. But that’s then and this is now. Please…don’t ask, “How soon?”


59 Minutes and Counting

Done…D O N E.  I just finished the last present and tucked it under the tree.   I went sneaky, sneaky into the kids rooms to put their stockings at the foot of their beds.  There are other things I would have liked to have done, but the list of presents is finished and I’m off to bed.  Happy Christmas!

One Mitten

Okay…those (very few) of you who actually read my blog are going to find today amusing. This is post #3. And this is Mitten #1. Aidan’s and there are cut fingers under that green flip-top. I had to be somewhat sneaky to get his hand measurements since these are supposed to be for Christmas. I’m damned happy with them. :)k

Cassidy’s Mittens

Okay…they’re not the most brilliant mittens in the world, but it’s really hard to make cut-top gloves with a flip-top for a four-year-old. I’m working on Aidan’s now and the gusset is a little more elegant. Cass will love these. She’s fond of novelty yarns and although this is actually a pretty nice fiber, it does have a loopy effect.


Aidan’s Hat

This is what happens when I’m stuck on the couch with a cold for the day. I’m in an eternal quest for resilient fibers (with some memory) with which to make things for my wool-sensitive son. He, like me, can’t quite stand to have wooly-ness next to his forehead, neck or hands. But using cotton makes for stretched out garments with no spring and little warmth. This hat is a blend of Acrylic (sigh), wool and polyestere (that’s how it’s spelled on the label). Doesn’t itch me…we’ll see how he likes it. It’s pretty. :)k

Spin Spin Sugar

Ah…a new era of wooly obsession. I took a spinning workshop over the weekend. This was the end result: a lovely little ball of handspun. It’s very, very thick and thin, but it’s cohesive. I’ve put it in a jar with the earlier efforts (no, I won’t show you). It’s going to be the pet yarn for a while. Suzzane at Hill Country Weavers has offered to let me come in and spin on the wheel I used in class for a while. I certainly can’t afford a wheel of my own….yet.